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31st-Oct-2026 01:36 pm - OOC : How's My Driving?
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help you help me
This is the permanent home for Claire Bennet's HMD. ^__^

Concerns? Suggestions? Plot ideas? Zombies? Here is the place to leave it all.

Comments will be screened.

Thank you!

6th-Jan-2012 12:21 am - (( OOC regarding tLV ))

(( From here on out, Claire's entries for lastvoyages will be posted here at at DreamWidth. Ta. ))

24th-Dec-2011 11:47 pm - Entry .166 - Christmas
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(( This is Claire's pretend "Dear Santa" letter. I am just too busy at the moment to write it out [I may come back and fill it out], but assume she gave gifts to the following : Stephanie, Jesse, Bourne, David, Mr. Pink, Armand, Blonsky, Lua, Agent K, Chromie, Isaac, Locke, Crane, Nygma, Iago, Miss. Parker, the Marquis, Arkady, her two dogs, and her gym crew (Graham & Cage).

Baked goods go to the aforementioned, as well as Richie, Molly, Crabtree, Kirk, Vila, Arya, Viserys, Rorschach, Omega, Rassilon, Molly, Ariadne, and Aleera.

Happy Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Chanukah/Hanukkah everyone. ♥ ))
19th-Dec-2011 11:13 pm - Entry .165 - Renewal.
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[Her feed comes on just after the breach ends. Claire is propped up against some pillows in her bed, looking as if she just woke from a nap, which was actually a two week coma. Her Christmas lights are on and The Christmas Waltz by She & Him is playing.]

Two comas in less than three months. Fun.times. Only not. Whoever put me in my bed, thanks. And for taking care of Izzy and Chester...who was it, anyway?

Mr. Pink, I'm sorry. I mean, not like I had any choice in the matter, but still. Everything okay? Need anything? Something I should know about? And I think we should share stories over cocoa. Either up on the deck or by the fire place - you game?

Jesse, I promise this isn't some horrible habit of mine. Sorry! If you haven't decorated your cabin yet, we still should.

Also, friends of mine, I need that Christmas list ASAP, please!!

(( A/N : Claire is unaware that Jesse is in a coma.
In terms of the present wish list request, it's filtered to friends, so if you're not sure if your character can see it, just ask.
3rd-Dec-2011 07:09 pm - .164 - Sugarplums.
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[One can see Christmas lights, which are now strung up in Claire's cabin, in the background as she speaks into the communicator. Christmas carols can be heard in the background. Currently, O, Holy Night is playing.]

Okay, I got the lights up, but I still have the mini-tree left to decorate. Jesse, Iiiii think you should totally come help me out and then we can do your room! [She looks down at her dogs and starts to ask,] Do you think we should - [Only she's hit with a lovely Barge coma and falls asleep at her desk.]

(( Reminder - I am on a two week hiatus with Claire in a coma. Mr. Pink and Jesse have access to her cabin to take care of her body (well, that's ominous, lol) and feed/walk/play with Chester and Izzy. I will do her "Dear Santa" letter upon my return. Any emergencies that occur, you can try to e-mail or have Yuna or Ros txt me. ))

28th-Nov-2011 09:54 pm - Entry .163 - Thankful.
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[ If anyone dinned with Claire for Thanksgiving, feel free to comment here, as this is directed at you. ]

Another successful Thanksgiving I think. Thanks, guys.

Mr. Pink, how's your cancer stash holding up?

{ Private to Isaac : } I need a huge favor from you please. As a Christmas gift to someone.

11th-Nov-2011 10:28 am - .162 - Fourths
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[Video, in which Claire is looking down and appears to be writing as she speaks.] If we're doing a Thanksgiving dinner, we definitely need pumpkin pie and deviled eggs!

{Private to Jesse:} We could always have a little get together of our own. Keep it small?

(( Fourth Wall Day is go! Please no, "OMG YOU'RE FAKE!" Also, LJ refuses to load for me 9/10 times and it's taking a lot for it to do so when I try to reload the page. So, I'll be slow if anything. -___- ))
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