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Save me, save the world

and they say that a hero can save us...

Claire Elaine Bennet
13 April 1991
the Barge
-= Currently HOMELESS (& retired from lastvoyages) =-

Please do not canon puncture my character without my permission.

[.the Cheerleader.]

t h e . l a s t . v o y a g e s

t h e . g r a y . w a r

o o c
player: korrin.
gender: female.
timezone: 0 GMT.

c r e d i t s
coding: fenostol@rp_tutorials
- Top banner in user info made by graphicsbyirish @ GJ.
- Bottom banner and Jokaire banners made by silent_zebra.
- Sylaire banner made by iridania.
- Header in layout made by silent_zebra.
~ Mood theme created by sparkfading with edits by silent_zebra. Also used part of feelingalittle's mood theme.

DISCLAIMER: I am not Hayden Panettiere, nor is she affiliated with this journal or any game I play her in. Claire Bennet belongs to Heroes, ABC, and Tim Kring. Role-playing = fun, not profit. Mun and muse are both over 18.